Acoustics is not a theme that can be hushed up

Acoustics is really not a theme that can be hushed up, if you excuse the pun. The noise in which we often work reduces our productivity, undermines working relationships and if it persists it can lead to stress and burnout.

Maybe you have already heard the term acoustic design for offices. This is a design system that takes into account activities performed during the working day in an office. This relates not just to phone calls, but a whole range of other activities that in the case of teamwork can reduce concentration on the given task, disturb work meetings etc. All modern technologies and techniques, such as video conferencing, Skype, networking and teamwork, generate a certain degree of noise. The mutual connections between co-workers and their activities in the given space is fundamental for the optimum working conditions, including acoustics.

Most people work on a number of different tasks each day. In doing this they sit at their desks in a large open-plan office surrounded by their colleagues. During the working day they will need to make phone calls, concentrate on an important task, reply to emails and perhaps prepare a presentation. They must also from time to time take part in meetings and discuss work matters around the desk.

These are the standard office work conditions, which you might recognise from our offices at TECHO. How can you work with the acoustics of a modern office? Take part in our interactive panel discussion and exchange views on acoustics in the office with others.

Registration has already started for TechoCon, which will take place at the TECHO showroom on 13th September 2018. You can register here.

Effective tips for office acoustics

Acoustic comfort is a necessary part of a sustainable workplace environment. To achieve satisfactory conditions we must consider the following parameters:

  • The creation of spaces for various types of work.
  • In open-plan offices restrict the transmission of noise.
  • In closed rooms support intelligible speech.

The above recommendations bring advantages to employees and a company itself. Good acoustic conditions in the office can:

  • Reduce adrenalin levels by 30%.
  • Increase motivation levels by 60 %.
  • Raise concentration levels when working on a task by 50%.
  • Improve performance on maths-based tasks by 20 %.

Source: Ecophon