An office full of animals

Jun 11, 2018 Coworking, TECHO

by Petr Remeš

As one of TechoCon founder I am not about to leave my dog at home alone. It comes with me to the office and sleeps under my desk whilst I’m working.

This article is not about animals in ties or wild white collar workers. Today we simply begin with the personal opinion of the author of this contribution. Yes, in advertising agencies today you will find various fashionable breeds of dog, and also the obligatory parrot, fish and various other small creatures in a terrarium or aquarium. There are more and more offices in the Czech Republic in which cats and dogs can be found lounging under desks. According to HR managers, animals in the workplace have a positive impact on the mood of the team. We have created a TechoCon bearability index and assessed animals and their suitability for your office.

Why are we inviting you to an office zoo as organisers of a conference on offices? Is TECHO a producer of “zoo office” furniture, upholstered dog baskets, relaxation zones for the favourite pets of your employees? No, it isn’t. But the theme of animals in modern offices is an issue we simply cannot overlook.

According to available data, for example, 46 million Americans believe that having pets in the workplace increases productivity. If you have a separate office it’s no problem to share it with your hound, but if we are talking about open space (which is the case of most modern offices), then the theme of pets in the workplace is rather more complicated.

Will you be “dog friendly“ and allow your employees to walk their dogs to work? Or cats? Or keep mice? We are not in America and we don’t know the Czech numbers, but one thing is certain: you need to think carefully about how much time you have for pets in the workplace and what you expect to gain from them.

Quiet friends

Yes: fish. They are ideal in workplaces with higher stress levels. Occasionally you throw them some food and clean the aquarium.
Bearability index in a modern office: we give them 80%.

Woof woof

The favourite pets in the office are also the most problematic. They bark, chew and sometimes smell… And it might be the case that they are unable to adjust to the day-long activity and air-conditioning in the office. We feel that the permanent presence of dogs in the office is not possible in practice.
Bearability index in a modern office: we give them 10-50%.


Even worse because this headstrong and unmanageable animal is difficult to keep in one place. If you do not let your office cat out it will start to get bored and scratch things. In addition, almost everyone these days has a cat allergy, so a sneezing office is also not great.
Bearability index in a modern office: we give them 5%.


Geckos, chameleons, iguanas and other strange lizards occasionally adorn offices. Provided they don’t escape from the terrarium they are reasonably bearable office companions. They are quiet, calm and very interesting to look at.
Bearability index in a modern office: we give them 5%.

Did you know that… according to available data seven per cent of employers in the Czech Republic offer the benefit of a “pet friendly” office.