Coworking Open Day: 1st June 2018

Apr 23, 2018 Coworking

by Petr Remeš

Although our TechoCon conference is not until September, we would like to invite you to an event taking place on 1st June across the Czech Republic. It is the first Czech Coworking Open Day. We have prepared an invitation to dozens of coworking centres across the country.

It is roughly nine years since the international phenomenon of coworking centres – shared offices for professionals and freelancers – arrived in the Czech Republic. Since that time coworking has taken root and in Prague alone there are dozens of such centres. Several have already started to specialise in given types of profession, and their marketing (about which we will also write here) is an important aspect of their success.

Today we invite you to the first Czech Coworking Open Day, which takes place across the Czech Republic on 1st June 2018. At the end of the article we provide an interactive list of several dozen coworking centres that are involved in this event.

Are you interested in shared workplaces and office space? Choose from the long list of coworking centres and pay them a visit on the first day in June. Your comments, impressions and observations can then be discussed during workshops and discussion panels at TechoCon.

List of participating coworking centres – Coworking Open Day
1st June 2018 | Czech Republic




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