How do companies make use of coworking?

Apr 30, 2018 Coworking, TECHO

by Petr Remeš

Initially coworking was the domain of freelancers and start-ups. Today it is part of the company culture of large international corporations that frequently use coworking for certain types of work and professions. How do we approach coworking at TECHO?

TECHO, as a major office furnishing/fit-out provider, is changing the way it works, as are other companies around the world. This development also applies to the workplace environment. When you visit our showroom in Hostivař, you will see how a coworking inspired environment works in practice at our company. Although we are not a public coworking centre, we have nevertheless adopted many aspects of this culture at our company offices.

Look through the photo gallery and see how we organise our meeting space, how we park the bikes and scooters that we use to get around our site (we also have mini-segways). You will see how coworking can also work in a company environment. What does the future hold for this type of environment?

First of all, we use the space itself with all office facilities (high-speed internet, office equipment – from projectors, printers and copiers to the furnishing of meeting and presentation rooms – take a look, for example, at the Bungee room (Gumicuk)).

Community and networking. People and their workflow. These are the main “social” and “energy” benefits of this type of office layout. So, how to things work at the TECHO showroom in Prague?

How exactly does our company office space work?

We should point out that we don’t operate a standard coworking environment intended for people “off the street”; however, in teams we share a well thought out space incorporating coworking features (designed by the ADR architecture studio). As our showroom has developed and changed its concept, it has quickly gained its fans. In contrast to users of public coworking offices, TECHO’s teams obviously do not have to pay for the time spent in the workspace.

An integral part of the standard office life at the TECHO showroom are various seminars, conferences such as TechoCon, as well as cultural events (book launches, meetings with international teams, lectures etc.). Many other firms have a similar concept for the arrangement of office space. Several of them were designed and fitted out by TECHO. These too will be presented at TechoCon. But as always, the best proof is personal experience. We will discuss our experience at the conference in September 2018, and we will invite you into our “home” so that you can experience for yourself what a creative and coworking company office can offer.