Introducing the TechoCon Youtubers

Jul 2, 2018 TechoCon 2018

by radek

Unless you are Leoš Mareš, Kazma or a similar media star you are probably aware of how difficult it is to be in front of the camera. The camera rolls, you take a deep breath and start to inform the world of your vision.

Because the whole message of TechCon: its content, lectures, panel discussions… in short everything that we have been working on intensively for over half a year, is worth it and makes great sense to use, so we decided to go for it! We matched our outfits, wrote a script for our performance, called in the film crew, selected a location in the TECHO showroom in Hostivař, illuminated the reflectors, took a deep breath and…?

We have been active as professionals in the area of office interiors and their installation for a long time now. If you ask us about anything about acoustics and desk heights or the overall configuration of office space we will probably be able to answer quickly and without much difficulty. On the other hand, a video production with specialist content (even when you understand it) is, in a word, frightening.

Yes, we admit freely that we are no media stars – we could feel ourselves sweating and occasionally forgot our lines, but that is not the important thing. Our goal is to maintain contact with you so that we can share the latest news from the hundreds of hours of work of the whole team that is putting together TechoCon 2018.

For example: did you know that in addition to Milan and Šimon another six people are contributing to the preparations? A graphic designer, programmer, editor of the weekly blog, translator, organiser and a PR specialist. They all prepare and release to the world what we, rather imperfectly, but with feeling, have said in our videos.

And this is just the start! We will continue to perfect the TechCon concept. Not just here in the blogs, but also with an ebook we have started to prepare. The first Czech book on coworking, about new methods and approaches to office work.

We have something to say and we are backed up by an excellent team as well as interesting speakers and panellists. We will therefore continue not just until September 2018, but also beyond the end of the conference (by the way, have you already completed your registration?)

The TechCon brand already has an international dimension and has been well received, which is why we will continue with its development. You will be the first to hear of these developments through our blog.

Today we invite you to our YouTube channel where you can witness the launch of our media career. Until next week’s TechoCon blog.