Offices for millenials

Jun 4, 2018 TechoCon 2018

by Petr Remeš

Today’s thirty somethings are a pampered and sought after breed. They have huge purchasing power, and also specific demands regarding work environments.

They are happy. At least that is the finding of a large survey of Czech millennials carried out two years ago by agencies PR.Konektor and NMS Market Research. In the survey, 83% of millennials claim that they are happy with life. What sort of offices does this generation work in? Or rather: where would they like to work? And what environment must employers offer them in order for them to be interested in a job? This too will be a subject discussed at TechoCon.

“The themes of coworking and the millennial generation are very topical at the moment. We know that we cannot overlook this major force of active people in our considerations,“ says Šimon Opekar, one of the leaders and main organisers of the conference TechoCon.

When we briefly summarise how this generation functions we see that on average people around thirty have profiles on three social networks, two of which they actively use. They spend 6 to 8 hours a day on the internet, primarily via smart phones and laptops. They don’t watch television much. And now consider what sort of office environment you should prepare for this group… Apart from a new dictionary (for terms such as LOL, WTF, BTW…) millennials also require a new office organisation and concept. Places where they work are transformed into games rooms, relaxation zones with parasols and video games.

“The young want to be successful and deserve success; they are ambitious. They are confident in their ability to achieve their goals. It is telling that their idols also tend to be people who have achieved things through hard work and persistence. Somewhat surprisingly therefore the leading idol amongst them is Jaromír Jágr. Millennials also place great emphasis on flexibility, both with respect to time and place of work – for some the ideal is to be digital nomads,” says Kamil Kunc of NMS Market Research, who worked on the mentioned survey.

“At TechoCon we will focus on trends driven by the millennial generation that are shaping the office environment. This will include the type of interior layout and the forms applied by architects and designers to satisfy the requirements of millennials,” adds Milan Začal, the second of the main organisers of TechoCon.

Are you one of the millenials – an active thirty year old? TechoCon will also be of interest to you. We start on Thursday 13th September 2018 in the morning with some excellent coffee. Register here.

The first large study of Czech millennials was performed by agencies PR.Konektor and NMS Market Research in 2016. The study was based on information drawn from a large volume survey with a sample of 1613 respondents (733 younger millennials, 447 older millennials and 433 from generation X). The study is interpreted from a focus study which combined focus groups, online diaries and an online discussion forum with 15 millennials. The study was accompanied by 6 in-depth interviews with leading Czech youtubers such as MenT and Fatty Pillow. The study is sold freely.