Offices, Offices, Offices… Which is the right one?

Apr 16, 2018 Coworking

by Petr Remeš

Are you an experienced professional or a start-up with a vision that will change the world over the next five months? Regardless of your plans, you will not avoid the workplace environment and shared space.

The theme of this year’s TechoCon is coworking. There are many options for workplace layouts that ensure teams and individuals communicate effectively. Shared work space comes in many shapes and forms, and it is necessary to consider it from various perspectives. This is what our conference and this blog are about.

First a short trip down memory lane: the first shared workplaces started to appear in 1989, but the term coworking was not used until 2005 when the first coworking office was opened in San Francisco. In the Czech Republic coworking has been around since about 2009: in Prague, for example, a pioneer was Impact Hub in Smíchov, and others quickly followed.

Why has coworking become such a trendy theme? That’s simple!

If ten or fifteen years ago you had said that you would sit on a beach and manage, for example, a PPC campaign, no one would have understood. Today it is reality, and thanks to internet connections across the globe, it is possible to work remotely in a whole range of branches. Coworking as an office arrangement is responsible for new work patterns, particularly in the areas of IT, data, analysis and a whole range of “soft skills” professions.

In short: if you operate an eshop, you don’t need to see the people who analyse your data, administer SEO and organise paid advertising on Google, or here in the Czech Republic on Seznam. Such people can sit at home in their pyjamas (like us now whilst we write this blog), or, for example, in a coworking centre in Hawaii.

A community founded on cooperation, openness and online accessibility needs a corresponding workspace. This is no longer about the desk, chair and typewriter of Franz Kafka’s time. It’s about coffee, a hammock, fast internet and having people around you. We design this type of space at TECHO and we deal with coworking issues on a daily basis, not just at the autumn TechoCon.

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