Founded in 1983, Humanscale is the leading designer and manufacturer of high performance ergonomic products that improve the health and comfort of work life. Through leveraging new technology in functional yet minimal designs, Humanscale transforms traditional offices into active, intelligent workspaces.

Over the last five decades traditional office setups kept employees still without the possibility to move their joints and to adjust their work tools to their bodies. As a result people had to adjust themselves to their rigid work setup and ended up being in awkward positions throughout the day. To counteract Humanscale developed sophisticated ergonomic tools which mimic the body and pivot points to support different shapes of bodies.

The product spectrum ranges from Monitor Arms, Keyboard Support, Task Lighting, Office Technology Solutions as well as Seating, Sit/Stand products and Healthcare ergonomics. The ergonomic office consulting practice provides additional support and ensures the perfect workspace solution for our customers globally.

Committed to making a net positive impact on the earth as well as our customers, Humanscale offers award-winning products designed with a focus on function, simplicity and longevity.

U Tovaren 770/1b
Prague 10
Czech Republic

T: +420 267 290 111