People love vibrant places. We create them.

Spaceflow transforms physical buildings into a human experience. Changing the way people connect with the spaces around them and with each other, Spaceflow makes life more convenient and enjoyable. How? Occupants have amenities, services and community life just one click away in the mobile app. Retailers offer their services directly to the target audience. Landlords make better decisions with analytics and get new revenue streams.

With Spaceflow app and community management services, people's experience uplifts and the value of asset rises.

We belong to TOP 10 startups in CEE, as announced by Masschallenge, one of the biggest accelerators worldwide. And even Forbes think we are a company that is changing the way people do their jobs.

With projects in London, Vienna and Prague and partnerships established in US, Germany, and other countries we aim to disrupt the whole experience that people in buildings have.


Why are communities in buildings important more than ever?

What do buildings, people and work-life balance have in common? Join Spaceflow Community manager and find out how technology and space as a service change today's offices as we know it.

During our interactive workshop, we will show you why we believe every building should have a community and how to create it.

HR managers and property managers in particular will benefit from attending this workshop.

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Czech Republic

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