Sport in the modern office

Jun 18, 2018 TechoCon 2018

by Petr Remeš

You are seated. Your back hurts. You are putting on weight, your spine is curving, muscles and your nervous system are weakening. Pay attention: today’s subject is sport in the office. Because TECHO DNA includes many sporting genes, we have some tried and tested tips for you on the theme of sport in the office.

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of studies that highlight the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle on our health. We will try not to tire you, but the subject of sport and a healthy lifestyle are themes associated with the modern office environment. Our sports oriented team of Milan Začal and Šimon Opekar, the main organisers of this year’s TechoCon, arrive on their scooters to demonstrate why and how this theme will be addressed at TechoCon in September.

Sit-stand and again

A recent trend is that more and more employees are exercising during the working day. Companies offer their staff opportunities for exercise, swimming, volleyball and Pilates. At TECHO we have a climbing wall, scooters and bikes. It is clear that people use sport during the work day as an antidote to the demands of work and stress.

As experienced office furniture salesmen we know that poor seating posture at a desk can lead to a range of difficulties, such as back pain or digestive problems. Suitable times for regular exercise are before work or during the lunch break. It has been shown that people who exercise at these times are more productive and suffer less from stress.

The fact that Czechs have started to take up sport in greater numbers can be seen in the revenues of sports equipment retailers. We should add that no expensive equipment is required for workplace sport activity. It is just necessary to have a pair of trainers and a yoga mat. For example, yoga reduces aggression and helps the body deal better with stressful situations.

Because at the TechoCon conference on 13th September 2018 we will also present height adjustable desks, our tip is to stand up at work. What do we mean by this? If you stand for a quarter of the day you significantly reduce the risk of obesity say the experts. The probability of falling ill is reduced in men by 32 per cent and in women by 35 per cent.

Our tip: five benefits of standing whilst working

  • it relieves painful back strain
  • it strengthens muscles and improves posture
  • it improves the circulation
  • you burn calories
  • it helps to prevent haemorrhoids