Student = your future coworker

After the first instalment we will look in greater detail at the Czech market for shared office space. We will summarise the study prepared by BNP Paribas Real Estate. Today the theme is about the link between education and the development of coworking.

In May, BNP Paribas Real Estate published a unique survey Coworking in Czech Republic 2018, which documents the current situation in the Czech market. Today we focus on the general theme of education.

Study, cowork, do business

There can be no doubt that the boom in shared office space has a direct link to the student community. You study, then try and get an idea (maybe a crazy one) off the ground, you establish a start-up… This route from idea to success is well known. Mark Zuckerberg also started as a student and today he is admired (or hated) across the globe. The survey on Czech coworking contains some interesting statistics from the Ministry of Education.

Number of students per 1000 inhabitants

  • Olomouc: 200
  • Brno: 160
  • České Budějovice: 140
  • Hradec Králové: 109
  • Zlín: 104
  • Prague: 90
  • Ústí nad Labem: 91
  • Pardubice: 78
  • Pilsen: 75
  • Ostrava: 70

It is clear that that the level of education within the economically active population is also reflected in the development of modern forms of cooperation, such as coworking. There is good reason why universities form alliances with industrial concerns in the form of incubators, hubs and joint ventures.

Are you surprised by the ranking of Prague, or Olomouc in first place? This data is interesting for anyone considering starting a coworking centre… And now a question for you… When you were studying, did you think you would work in a coworking environment?

Take a look at the most important facts concerning the Czech coworking market here. And of course come on Thursday 13th September to TechoCon.