TechoCon 2018 is “The Workplace of the Future”

Our whole team is working hard on preparations for this year’s conference. Why are we doing this and who is behind this event? Read on for more information.

The organiser of TechoCon is TECHO (as is clear from the title), a major European producer and supplier of office furniture and interiors. The running theme for TechoCon is the Workplace of the Future, and this year’s focus will be on coworking.

The second year of this conference will also be devoted to new technologies and workplace innovations. The main theme will be life and work in coworking environments. All around us – in small start-ups as well as multinational corporations – the theme of coworking is being chewed over. At TechoCon this year we are therefore focusing on new work methods and the sharing of information and space.

Why? Here are the five main reasons why TechoCon will emphasise (along with other themes) coworking.

  • The work environment is undergoing fundamental change.
  • Firms and their staff are changing working habits, as well as the structure and organisation of work teams.
  • Office layout is changing: a couple of decades have passed since the “discovery” of open plan offices, and now open plan 2.1 is arriving.
  • By the end of 2018 around 1.7 million people around the world will be working in coworking environments at 19 000 sites.
  • Coworking in the Czech Republic is growing: just in Prague there are now several dozen coworking premises. They are also springing up in other towns.

The main speakers and contributors at TechoCon 2018 will be architects, designers, and people directly creating and using office space. In addition, for this year’s TechoCon theme of coworking we will spread the net wider to include experts from the associated fields of: psychology, behavioural research, and analysis of space and human behaviour.

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