TechoCon is fast approaching

Sep 3, 2018 TechoCon 2018

by Petr Remeš

We are counting down the days to the start of the second annual conference. We already have several hundred registered participants and we look forward to seeing you.

This year’s TechoCon programme has aroused huge interest: the number of registered participants is already twice the number of last year at this stage, and we have almost too many partners to fit on our website, but these are just numbers.

What is key for us are the people who have registered for TechoCon, those of you who in two weeks’ time will arrive at the TECHO showroom. We want you to enjoy the entire day with its packed programme, and therefore we have prepared a special online service for all participants and speakers.

Online TechoCon service

You will receive another two newsletters from us: the first will be about the blog which you receive from us every Monday. The second is planned for Wednesday 12th June, which will be received by everyone who has registered for one of the TechoCon events.

It will clearly set out the programme and provide details regarding registration when you arrive, parking, refreshments and also an invitation to the evening TechoCon party.

With the help of our reservation system you can still secure a place at some of the workshops (note that the individual events have a limited capacity!), or to the conference as a whole.

A few days before the event we will also open the discussion platform, where you can place questions in advance to speakers and other participants. This interactive platform runs on the large screen in the main conference space and you will be able to participate in the panel discussions, ask questions or just greet everyone present.

When we meet

For the duration of the conference there will be dozens of people in our team ensuring that you have a pleasant conference. In addition to the organisers we also have hostesses on hand, catering and other personnel. We are confident that it will all go well and that you will leave TechoCon full of new information and ideas.

You can already write directly to Milan or Šimon, and from the next week you can also use the platform, which will be available here via the website.
We look forward to addressing you with our next Monday blog.