The main strength of coworking

May 7, 2018 Coworking

by Petr Remeš

At the moment there are almost one hundred coworking centres operating in the Czech Republic. If you would like to know the main benefits connected with coworking this blog is for you.

Myth 1: Coworking is a shared office where I have a desk

Reality: The benefits of coworking rest primarily in social contact. In the given space you rub shoulders with people from various firms with various levels of “business” experience. It is not just about sharing hardware – the mentioned desks, chairs and copiers – it is about interaction, exchanging experience and also networking, which energises members of the given community.

Example: In a good coworking environment you will find someone who will give you – perhaps over a coffee in the kitchenette – a tip for a good car mechanic, help you think of a good slogan for your website or recommend an accountant who could bring some order to your invoices.

Myth 2: Work, work, work

Reality: Performance and quantity obviously remain the driving force behind any business, but in addition to work the coworking environment also accelerated the forming of new relationships and friendships.

Example: A coworking centre in itself promotes cooperation and the establishment of a community of people that spend time together not just at work in a shared workspace, but also often outside work during their free time. A reason to celebrate and share a drink can always be found.

Myth 3: Coworking is only for start-ups and freelancers

Reality: Whilst statistics from around the world (we don’t have any usable data directly from the Czech Republic) clearly show that over half of the users of coworking are made up of web designers, programmers, copy writers, PPC, SEO experts and other similar freelance professions, a survey by Regus and Unwired 2011 indicates that over 60% of large firms seek space in coworking centres for their employees. It has undeniable financial advantages, but also a range of other benefits.

Example: The TECHO showroom, where our conference will take place on 13th September 2018, is a regular meeting place for teams from all our branches around the world. We share not just our delivered projects, but also know-how that is sometimes transferable, and sometimes not. The interior concept of our showroom supports proactive and social interaction between our people.