We are already actively planning the TechoCon 2018

Apr 2, 2018 TechoCon 2018

by Petr Remeš

Last year we launched the first TechoCon gathering in the form of an interactive one-day conference full of the latest developments affecting the workplace. Following on from last year’s success we have started planning TechoCon 2018.

Last year we presented technological innovations and their impact on the workplace environment, along with demonstrations of new products, original approaches to design, and a look at what the future might hold for the workplace. A year on and we will be back again!

We are already planning of the second edition of the annual TechoCon conference. It will be even better that last year’s, with more information and greater interactivity. Therefore, six months before the conference, we have launched this blog and also a team of experts will meet on a weekly basis to plan the TechoCon 2018 programme and accompanying activities down to the last detail.

And now we come to this year’s theme. The overriding theme that we see this year in the area of office interiors and their furnishing is cooperation. Co-working as a modern form of work is fundamentally changing work patterns, and is changing the structure and organisation of work teams; this is reflected in the current trends for the layout of workspace.

A few numbers to give you a better feel for this subject: it is estimated that by the end of 2018, 1.7 million people across the globe will be working in coworking environments at 19,000 workplaces. The main speakers and contributors at TechoCon 2018 will be architects, designers, and people directly creating and using office space. In addition, for this year’s TechoCon theme of coworking we will spread the net wider to include experts from the associated fields of: psychology, behavioural research, and analysis of space and human behaviour.

Cooperation and the new sharing of information and work results gives rise to a whole range of associated themes that we would like to highlight and present to a wider audience through this blog and the conference itself.

In September 2018 several hundred participants will again meet at the TECHO showroom for TechoCon. Under discussion will be cooperation. Don’t miss out.

We will provide further details of the programme for TechoCon 2018 in a week. Follow us.