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30. 6. 2019
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30. 6. 2019 Radek Váňa

What you can look forward to. Why you should register now… everything you needed to know about this year’s TechoCon.

Because our conference is attended by several hundred guests we have prepared a detailed guide for you – step by step we will take you through TechoCon 2019.
Because this year we have added a third Creative Stage, the programme of the day will be even more packed and interesting than last year. How can you take it all in without missing anything and also take advantage of the networking opportunities throughout the day? When can you register, and how?

All these questions will find an answer in this article. Before the conference, everyone who has registered will receive detailed instructions on how to reach our showroom in Hostivař. Don’t hesitate to register today, because free places are gradually disappearing (over 150 people have registered to date).

How to register
As last year, TechoCon has a limited capacity and therefore we have already started registration. Use the two months before the conference and register your place at the conference via the online system. Our Reenio registration system enables you to easily reserve your place in the main hall, where the main and creative stages will be located, and the satellite stage, where our partners will give talks and workshops.

Selecting from the programme
The whole programme has been devised so that you can, if you so wish, see all the talks, panel discussions and presentations. Nevertheless, allocate time for refreshments and lunch, and select presentations on the satellite stage that will be of specific interest to you. The themes covered by the TechoCon programme are wide – from specific projects presented by architects on the Creative Stage to the wide-ranging themes of both panel discussions.

It’s not too early to place questions
You can already place questions to all the speakers: above all in the panel discussions you can have an influence on the way in which the given theme is developed. If you have some interesting information with respect to a specific TechoCon theme, we can publish it on our blog. Write to us.

How the conference will operate
The entire conference will be overseen by Daniela Písařovicová, who will also moderate both panel discussions. As last year, we will prepare an ebook for all conference participants – an anthology with annotation of all presentations… meaning you won’t miss out on anything. Of course, even after the conference is over, the blog will still be available and there you will find archived all the articles along with photographs and videos from the event.

The conference organisers
The entire organisation team is listed on this site, so whether you are a partner, speaker or a guest we are here for you at any time. You will find all our contact details, including mobile phone numbers and email addresses, in the Contact section. Don’t hesitate to ask – we will be happy to reply.

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Our tip: TechoCon is not just an annual conference, but also a community that meets regularly each month for the TechoCon Morning Meetings. Take a look through the archive of our meetings: interesting articles, inspirational speakers and the latest know-how from the world of office interiors. Come and join our community.

Organizátor konference/Conference organiser:

TECHO, a.s.

U Továren 770/1b Praha 10 – Hostivař

+420 737 265 906