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16. 9. 2019
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16. 9. 2019 Radek Váňa

Only a couple of days left now until the conference. Several hundred people have registered and we look forward to seeing you all at the conference, which represents the culmination of almost a year of preparations.

For everyone planning to attend the conference we have summarised all the important links, instructions and information articles for this year’s TechoCon 2019 in six main points.

Please note: because of the limited number of parking places we don’t recommended coming to the conference by car.
TechoCon Parking 2019

I Registration

Would you at the last minute like to register a colleague or someone from your company? Register directly using our online system here.

II Programme and speakers

In total several dozen specialists will be speaking or involved in panel discussions at the conference. The packed programme runs from the morning to the evening. On three podiums our invited guest speakers will follow each other in quick succession. The Creative stage programme takes place on the main stage.
Main Stage programme
Creative Stage programme
Satellite Stage programme
Profiles of all speakers, their CVs you can find on the speakers page.

III Who you will find at the conference

Throughout the day several hundred people will visit the conference. In order to help you find your way around the stages and partner presentations please use this map of the TechoCon 2019 conference.

IV Do you like to read?

During the year we have published dozens of blog articles; also available to download is an ebook covering last year’s conference and there is an archive of previous conferences.

V Partners

The conference could not take place without the support of a whole range of partners. We thank these companies for their support, as well as the interesting content for talks and blogs. We are happy that they are supporting TechoCon. Conference partners

VI If there’s something really urgent, we are here to help

If something is missing from our guide, or you need some other assistance please contact the conference team. This page gives direct phone and email contacts: we are ready to assist you with anything concerning the conference.
And finally, we look forward to seeing you this Thursday at the Techo showroom.

Organizátor konference/Conference organiser:

TECHO, a.s.

U Továren 770/1b Praha 10 – Hostivař

+420 737 265 906