ASA connection products complement interior designs

20. 9. 2019
20. 9. 2019 Radek Váňa

Every modern and comfortable office today includes state-of-the-art technologies that make work easier and more effective. Connection points, socket strips, mobile phone chargers and similar items are now an inseparable part of every modern workplace or meeting room.

On the other hand, these highly technical items do not contribute much to increasing the comfort and cosiness of the environment in which most of us spend a good deal of our lives. Even the best designed meeting room following the latest trends and using the best materials is disturbed by the introduction of technical equipment.

Our company is aware of this, and in our search for partners we take this aspect into account. A plug on a desk need not be just a hole for connecting a computer power cable, but it can also be an item that complements the design concept of a desk. The socket thus becomes an integral part of the overall design, and not an intrusive feature.

ASA International Group, which we exclusively represent in the Czech Republic, fully meets these criteria. Thanks to an extensive product portfolio we are able to offer items for all types of space. Precisely in accordance with the requirements of the designer and customer, in various finishes, colours and materials.

VERSAHIT – unlimited options

Well-designed connection points in nine colour options and two sizes – this is the most interesting VERSAHIT product. It can be used on desks or in meeting rooms, kitchens, living rooms and schools. It is a universal product of almost unlimited application options.

VERSACHARGER and VERSAPICK – the right pairing for charging

We all have a mobile phone that needs constant charging. Some of us have the option of wireless charging whilst others require a charging cable. ASA has launched designer products for all. VERSACHARGER gives energy to any phone placed on it, and VERSAPICK is able to provide connection by cable at work, in meeting rooms, in waiting rooms, at home by the television, by the bed… in short, anywhere it is needed. However, its presence will not be intrusive. It can be integrated almost anywhere.

VERSATURN – an attractive feature for visitors

Your business partners will be impressed by the operation of the connection systems VERSATURN 3.0. State-of-the-art technologies and a high-quality finish complements your meeting spaces such that the conclusion of an important commercial agreement becomes just an incidental part of the meeting.

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