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A year of intensive work preparing for this year’s TechoCon is over. How did the conference go? Tens of speakers passed on their insight and know-how in talks, panel discussions and miniworkshops. They gave their opinions on what developments we can expect to see in the offices of the future. The way in which things will change for office work […]


Are you going to TechoCon? If so, then this post is right for you. There is only one day left until the conference, so now is the best time to give you some more information about arrangements for tomorrow. Please find below all the necessary information for your visit. Check our programme as well to give you a taste of what to look forward to. […]


We are counting down the days to the start of the second annual conference. We already have several hundred registered participants and we look forward to seeing you. This year’s TechoCon programme has aroused huge interest: the number of registered participants is already twice the number of last year at this stage, and we have almost too many partners […]


We wind-up the August serial devoted to the Czech coworking market with several tips for interesting coworking centres. And of course we invite you to TechoCon, where we will discuss all aspects of coworking in the Czech environment. As we have previously written, there are in the Czech Republic almost one hundred coworking centres, and selecting from them […]


In this blog we provide a view of the Czech market for shared office space. Where is coworking heading? What are future coworking trends likely to be? Answers are provided with the help of the BNP Paribas Real Estate survey. Trend one: Specialisation. The authors of the study state in their introduction “We believe that the future of Czech coworking rests in the […]


After the first instalment we will look in greater detail at the Czech market for shared office space. We will summarise the study prepared by BNP Paribas Real Estate. Today the theme is about the link between education and the development of coworking. In May, BNP Paribas Real Estate published a unique survey Coworking in Czech Republic 2018, which documents […]


How is coworking developing in the Czech Republic? Is there any data that would tell us capacity, cost, who the users are and where? The answers to these questions and more can be found in a survey carried out by a partner of our conference, BNP Paribas Real Estate APM CR. At TechoCon a range of experts will be talking who have been monitoring the office […]


Everyone active in the field of office buildings will be aware of the major certificates. Every A-class office building simply must have LEED or BREEAM certification to succeed. “Green” certificates that deal with the environmental impact of buildings on their surroundings are today a necessity. Every newly constructed office building today must be designed […]


How do people respond to changes in environment? How does coworking stimulate work performance? These questions will also be addressed at TechoCon. The website Morethanoffice carried a long interview with Alexandra Tomášková, the new Managing Director of Skanska Property Czech Republic, where coworking is also a hot issue. The TechoCon team […]


Two of the speakers who will address the September conference are Chris Cooley and Billy Rue of the company Evelo. They will speak primarily about coworking and new trends in office working. They have been working for many years in this field – most recently for Evelo. It promises to be an enlightening event. Although Chris Cooley and Billy Rue established […]


Unless you are Leoš Mareš, Kazma or a similar media star you are probably aware of how difficult it is to be in front of the camera. The camera rolls, you take a deep breath and start to inform the world of your vision. Because the whole message of TechCon: its content, lectures, panel discussions… in short everything that we have been working on intensively […]


Acoustics is really not a theme that can be hushed up, if you excuse the pun. The noise in which we often work reduces our productivity, undermines working relationships and if it persists it can lead to stress and burnout. Maybe you have already heard the term acoustic design for offices. This is a design system that takes into account activities performed […]


You are seated. Your back hurts. You are putting on weight, your spine is curving, muscles and your nervous system are weakening. Pay attention: today’s subject is sport in the office. Because TECHO DNA includes many sporting genes, we have some tried and tested tips for you on the theme of sport in the office. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of studies that […]


As one of TechoCon founder I am not about to leave my dog at home alone. It comes with me to the office and sleeps under my desk whilst I’m working. This article is not about animals in ties or wild white collar workers. Today we simply begin with the personal opinion of the author of this contribution. Yes, in advertising agencies today you will find various fashionable […]


Today’s thirty somethings are a pampered and sought after breed. They have huge purchasing power, and also specific demands regarding work environments. They are happy. At least that is the finding of a large survey of Czech millennials carried out two years ago by agencies PR.Konektor and NMS Market Research. In the survey, 83% of millennials claim that they […]


After covering the themes of success and failure, today we return to the theme of coworking. Coworking in all its forms has a significant impact on modern offices. Today we write about sharing and three myths of office work. Myth 1: This is not for small towns. Reality: A common misperception when discussing coworking is that it is only intended for large […]


Last week we took you to a place where chance discoveries change the world. The word serendipity also applies in the office environment as an accelerator of change and progress. And what about when your excellent plans come to nothing? Raise a flag to the word Zemblanity! In the past week we acquainted you with the term serendipity, which characterises the world […]


We have already been producing this blog for some time so we thought we would challenge you a bit today. The theme is serendipity. Do you know exactly what this word means? Serendipity signifies a “lucky chance” or “pleasant surprise” and is not some make-believe planet from a computer game. The word was coined by Horace Walpole in 1754, when in a letter […]


At the moment there are almost one hundred coworking centres operating in the Czech Republic. If you would like to know the main benefits connected with coworking this blog is for you. Myth 1: Coworking is a shared office where I have a desk. Reality: The benefits of coworking rest primarily in social contact. In the given space you rub shoulders with people […]


Initially coworking was the domain of freelancers and start-ups. Today it is part of the company culture of large international corporations that frequently use coworking for certain types of work and professions. How do we approach coworking at TECHO? TECHO, as a major office furnishing/fit-out provider, is changing the way it works, as are other companies around […]


Although our TechoCon conference is not until September, we would like to invite you to an event taking place on 1st June across the Czech Republic. It is the first Czech Coworking Open Day. We have prepared an invitation to dozens of coworking centres across the country. It is roughly nine years since the international phenomenon of coworking centres […]


Are you an experienced professional or a start-up with a vision that will change the world over the next five months? Regardless of your plans, you will not avoid the workplace environment and shared space. The theme of this year’s TechoCon is coworking. There are many options for workplace layouts that ensure teams and individuals communicate […]


Our whole team is working hard on preparations for this year’s conference. Why are we doing this and who is behind this event? Read on for more information. The organiser of TechoCon is TECHO (as is clear from the title), a major European producer and supplier of office furniture and interiors. The running theme for TechoCon is the Workplace of the Future, and […]


Last year we launched the first TechoCon gathering in the form of an interactive one-day conference full of the latest developments affecting the workplace. Following on from last year’s success we have started planning TechoCon 2018. Last year we presented technological innovations and their impact on the workplace environment, along with demonstrations of new […]

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