Coworking in the Czech Republic

Aug 6, 2018 Coworking

by Petr Remeš

How is coworking developing in the Czech Republic? Is there any data that would tell us capacity, cost, who the users are and where? The answers to these questions and more can be found in a survey carried out by a partner of our conference, BNP Paribas Real Estate APM CR.

At TechoCon a range of experts will be talking who have been monitoring the office market over the long-term. BNP Paribas Real Estate have provided a unique study Coworking in Czech Republic 2018, which documents the current situation in the Czech market. It was produced just a few months ago (in May 2018), so it gives us a relatively up-to-date picture.

We selected for you the most important facts and we will be interested in your comments. Some of the authors of this study will be at TechoCon, where we can go into greater detail.

What is the coworking scene like in the Czech Republic?

Small businesses, freelancers and start-ups can use shared workspace – coworking, in most of the large cities, but we also surprisingly find shared offices in places where at first sight we wouldn’t have expected them.

Coworking in the Czech Republic started in 2009, which was a bit later than elsewhere in Europe and the world. In the past eight years this sector has undergone massive development in terms of the number of coworking centres and their total area.

According to the survey there are 61 coworking centres in the Czech Republic, but it is quite possible that by now (August 2018) the number is higher. The coworking phenomenon has also expanded into other towns around the country: it is directly connected with qualified work, student population and also a strong IT and technology environment.

Following Prague, Impact Hub opened the largest coworking centre in Europe (3400m2) in Brno. In 2017 Node5 opened a coworking centre in Ústí nad Labem with an area of 750 m2. Other large players are looking at the Czech Republic with an eye to further expansion. The market is changing and growing dynamically.