Dan Heuer | Fair Venture

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He studied Social and Cultural Ecology at Charles University in Prague. During his studies he focussed on the role of the private sector in sustainable development. He believes that companies are not just a partial cause of the global crisis, but that they can also provide an effective solution. He also studied at the ISCSP Universidade de Lisboa, where he focused on plastic pollution in the oceans. He is now working on his doctorate in the research of sustainability indicators at the Charles University Environment Centre.

He has also gained experience working at an international non-profit organisation where he worked on projects reducing and preventing negative environmental impacts from projects financed by the European Investment Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

He has developed his enthusiasm for connecting the private sector and sustainability in consultancy firm Fair Venture, which helps companies introduce social responsibility and reduce negative impacts on their surroundings.

Dan puts company sustainability into a wider context, enabling them to assess all potential impacts of their activities and the target state that leads to the desired result. It is a system whereby the current generation does not exhaust the Earth more than they should so that future generations can also look forward to a full life on our planet.

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