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23. 8. 2019
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23. 8. 2019 Radek Váňa

Today we present use of the material BARRISOL in architectural practice. This TechoCon conference partner provides interesting and creative options for realising the bold ideas of architects. Have you seen the captivating stands of Lasvit? Yes, they too are from BARRISOL.

“I came across Barrisol in the 1990s during my first year at UMPRUM. I was fascinated by its qualities that no other material then available on the market could match. For the young designer and architect its versatility offered so much potential and a huge range of uses. For me it seemed to epitomise my feelings about a futuristic outlook. A high-tech material that, to a certain extent, foretold the later fluid and bio-form architecture, such as the work of Zaha Hadid,“ says architect Marek Deyl of firm Deyl Šesták
It’s a material that can create shapes and forms that are not possible using other materials, or if other materials are used then much more work and expense is required.

One of this year’s keynote speakers will be Leon Jakimič, founder and CEO of Lasvit. This company is well-known in the design world in part thanks to its monumental stands made using BARRISOL (designed by Deyl Šesták Architects) which fully utilise the abilities of this stretchable foil.
We will present a photo-gallery of BARRISOL installations and we look forward to meeting at this year’s TechoCon.
You can find more information at www.barrisol.cz, or we can talk in person at the conference.


BARRISOL is a stretch ceiling foil that adds a new dimension to interior space. It brings with it beauty, creativity and a new quality. The French producer and Czech distributor work together with the best Czech and international architects who use BARRISOL solutions to give their visions a taut power. However, we often see in the market that various producers and suppliers pass-off questionable products as Barrisol.

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