From feelings to hard data

22. 7. 2019
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22. 7. 2019 Petra Nemravová

Is it possible to quantify well-being in the workplace environment? Is it not just some urban myth? Two discussions, ten experts… and surprising findings.


We have invited experts to be panellists for our panel discussions. These experts have experience with setting up processes both in large teams and smaller firms. All of the panel members for the first panel discussion have extensive experience working in large firms: managing teams, working in open-plan environments… This year’s main theme is approached as a discussion in which ideas and concepts are confronted by hard data. Both have a clear significance when planning and developing the workplace environment.

How can relax zones, food courts and other layout arrangements affect the feelings of employees in offices? What is the relative importance of employee salary levels and other benefits such as home office… These issues will be open to discussion in the morning at the first of the two panel discussions, which will involve Petr Skondrojanis (Cocuma), Ivo Hrdina (JuiceUp) and Hana Webb (facility manager).

Our moderator, Daniela Písařovicová of Czech Television (presenter on Studio ČT2, Interview ČT24 and special broadcasts in the event of exceptional political and social events), will discuss with our guests the very wide range of “tangible” and “emotional” aspects and activities that can be included under the theme of well-being. We will attempt to identify trends that have developed in the past few years and we will also try to define a “unit of well-being”. Is it universal, or is it different for every company?

The second panel discussion at this year’s TechoCon reflects the current situation in the labour market, which is overheating and with a cyclic economic downturn (which is likely to occur in the coming few years) there will also be a change in the behaviour of companies. Our panellists will offer you their practical view of the issue of sustainability of the (workplace) environment. How do you ensure sustainability at the company level, and at the level of society as a whole?

Whilst the morning panel discussion will be devoted primarily to the relationship of individuality of people and employees with respect to the workplace environment and the companies for which they work, our afternoon theme will be addressed more from a broad conceptual perspective. It is clear that satisfaction and well-being play a huge role with respect to success in the global market. However, what role does sustainability play?

Significant climate changes can no longer be denied by almost anyone… it is a wide-ranging and disturbing theme. At TechoCon we are primarily focussed on the office environment, furniture and interiors…. Therefore, the second panel discussion focusses primarily on sustainability in this segment of the market. We will consider topics such as regulation: should it be a self-regulation derived from each of us: companies and individuals… or is it necessary for there to be a fundamental legislative framework that will define sustainability as part of the whole economy, or a specific branch of business?

Our guest panellists for these discussions will be Gideon Vanderburg (Leesman), Rick Veenendaal (Gispen), Eva Nykodýmová (Skanska) and Dan Heuer (Fair Venture), who will cover specific aspects of “sustainability” in business with Daniela. We will attempt to identify the main important aspects with respect to sustainability in the office business. We will also offer an international perspective of sustainability in the office market.


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