Leon Jakimič | LASVIT


Leon Jakimič, president and founder of LASVIT

Leon Jakimič is a Czech entrepreneur and founder of glassmaking company LASVIT, which inspires customers around the world with its breath-taking lighting sculptures and art installations made from hand-blown glass, glazed architectural elements and award-winning design collections.

Leon Jakimič comes from a family of glass makers. He founded LASVIT in 2007 and over the following ten years he built it into an international company that brings its brand of beauty to renowned hotels, shopping centres and luxury residences from Tokyo to New York. All LASVIT glass production remains in the Czech Republic. “Luxury for me represents authenticity, and that must be connected with a specific location where the craft has a thousand-year tradition,” explains Jakimič.


Leon considers himself a Czech patriot with a mission to promote Czech glass and glassmaking around the world. He manages LASVIT in the spirit of a mission: to spread beauty and inspiration, and every day to make the world a little bit more attractive as a place to live.

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