Modern buildings must respond
to changes in work practices

Jul 23, 2018 TECHO, TechoCon 2018

by radek

How do people respond to changes in environment? How does coworking stimulate work performance? These questions will also be addressed at TechoCon.

The website Morethanoffice carried a long interview with Alexandra Tomášková, the new Managing Director of Skanska Property Czech Republic, where coworking is also a hot issue. The TechoCon team would like to pass on and develop a number of her ideas.

In June 2018 Alexandra Tomášková was appointed Managing Director of the local branch of developers Skanska Property. She has worked at the company for eight years and she knows the Prague office market inside out having been engaged in the leasing of modern administrative space for over seventeen years now. She identifies one of the biggest trends in the current market in the fact that “in order for buildings to really be termed modern, they must respond to changes in the work practices of the people they are intended to accommodate.”

Alexandra sees coworking as a major trend – a trend that initially involved start-ups, and today is an established style of work for professional freelancers, and one that is also being used by international corporations. Many coworking centres have also established a new trend – the “cool” modern office interior designed to attract new tenants.

Practical experience from international coworking centres will be discussed at this year’s TechoCon by two speakers from America: Chris Cooley and Billy Rue of company Evelo (see here for more details).

What are their experiences with the introduction of new work practices? What of this can be applied in the Czech environment? And how should we respond to this at Techo? These points will be covered during the panel discussion and during the informal networking party after the conference. Register now for free and attend the day-long conference on the 13th September crammed with information from the world and the Czech Republic.

The host of this year’s conference will be Nikita Poljakov, Deputy Editor in Chief at Hospodářské Noviny. Nikita has been at Hospodářské Noviny since 2010 and is currently head of the paper’s Economic Department. He deepened his academic knowledge with several years at London universities, most recently the London School of Economics and Political Science. His fields of expertise include the industrial and energy sectors, financial groups and private equity funds.

TechCon will be introduced by the conference founders, Milan Začal and Šimon Opekar: you can see their videos on YouTube here.

Our tip: Read the complete interview with Alexandra Tomášková on coworking here.