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14. 8. 2019
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The workplace environment is constantly in motion and there are two factors that without doubt have the greatest influence on it today: the arrival of the younger generation on the labour market and efforts to make the most effective use of space. Offices are thus becoming more of an interactive location for meeting, discussions and teamwork. Companies are responding to this trend, and high quality coffee today has a key role in the workplace, and in fact has become an essential part of any office. Working in an attractive environment is very important, it evokes a feeling of well-being and comfort, and coffee also contributes to the creation of such environments. In recent years this approach has operated successfully at a host of companies. It is a modern trend to have a cafeteria or relax zone in a building with easy chairs, a sofa and bookshelves. Such places then form the centre of the whole office. And here coffee plays its essential role.

Not only is a coffee making machine an obligatory part of any office, but the quality of the coffee offered is an important benefit for employees. It is good to take into account the varied coffee preferences of employees with respect to taste, aroma and preparation method. Whether people want to switch off for a moment and relax, or have a discussion, or recharge their batteries, a cup of coffee made exactly how they like it will have a positive effect on their mood and help them to unwind.

Companies in the Czech Republic have started to pay attention to this aspect of the workplace environment – they want effective and inspirational offices, and along with this high-quality coffee. We are pleased that the majority of leaders in a range of branches are among the B2B clients of Nespresso Professional.

Employees using Nespresso Professional B2B service can enjoy up to 13 varieties of coffee in a range of simple drinks, from the basic ristretto or espresso to the lungo version and various coffee drinks with milk. Making a cup of Nespresso coffee is very simple, thanks to the symbiosis of freshly ground premium coffee hermetically sealed in a capsule and an intuitive coffee machine.

Nespresso was the first company to offer portions of coffee in aluminium capsules, which protect the flavour and aroma, and ensure that every moment spent with a cup will be an unforgettable one. The capsule brand preserves the highest available quality of coffee, carefully selected directly from the growers, generally handpicked and then processed to the highest standards and freshly ground. The ambition of the brand is to be synonymous with the perfect coffee experience. This also demands an uncompromising obligation to perfection in everything the brand does. It takes serious steps to improve environmental sustainability and the circumstances of coffee growers. In addition to quality, which is fundamental for the brand, the area of recycling is also key. Nespresso uses aluminium packaging, which is 100% recyclable, and in the individual markets it is actively engaged in the recycling process. In the Czech Republic it has recycled used aluminium capsules since 2014 using a local partner that processes both B2B and B2C capsules. The removed coffee sediment is composted and the compressed aluminium is sent for further processing.

Strategic survey for Nespresso (link)

According to a survey conducted in 2014, NESPRESSO has a demonstrable beneficial influence on the workplace environment. 90% of those surveyed claimed that Nespresso coffee had a positive influence on the opinion of employees towards the company in which they work.
At the same time 91% of those surveyed said that by providing Nespresso coffee a company demonstrates that it looks after its employees.
The opinion that Nespresso improves the feeling of relaxation during breaks is held by 91% of those questioned.

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