Roman Vrtiška & Vladimír Žák | Vrtiška Žák design studio

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Roman Vrtiška and Vladimír Žák met whilst studying at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, where they started to work together.

Together they also spent internships at Alvar Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland, where they received several awards for their work. After graduating from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design they have joined the new and fresh generation of Czech designers that are characterised by a wide range of interests and a highly professional approach.

They have been among the most sought after and respected creative professionals. They work primarily on projects in the areas of architecture, interior design and product design.

Their clients include, for example: Adidas, Avast, Belda Factory, Brokis, Devoto, Egoé, Heineken, Jitona, Javorina, Moravské sklárny Květná, KKCG, Klier, Krušovice, Lasvit, Lugi, mmcité, Padok Investment, Pytloun hotels, Rim, Ruukki, Šalanda, Tereza Maxová, Teroforma, U1, USSPA, UP závody, and Verreum.

Since 2016 they have led the D2 studio (Studio of furniture and interior design) at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague.

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