Speakers at TechoCon I: Chris Cooley & Billy Rue

Jul 9, 2018 Coworking, TechoCon 2018

by radek

Two of the speakers who will address the September conference are Chris Cooley and Billy Rue of the company Evelo. They will speak primarily about coworking and new trends in office working. They have been working for many years in this field – most recently for Evelo. It promises to be an enlightening event.

Although Chris Cooley and Billy Rue established Evelo only recently, their research into how innovative organisations operate has been going on for years.

Through its analyses and research, Evelo produces measurable results that minimise the risks of implementing coworking and new forms of open work concepts.

Chris Cooley / Chief Innovation Officer

For over 10 years now Chris has been a leader in the global coworking and open work industries. He has travelled the world and gained first-hand knowledge of many unique coworking models; he has co-created multiple, successful, coworking spaces.

Chris together with Billy will take part in a panel discussion on the theme of coworking. They will focus on the market impact of new forms of working and on how to transform office space, motivate employees and effective teamwork.

Billy Rue / Chief Executive Officer

For nearly 30 years, Billy has maintained a passion for bringing new ideas to market, from concept to commercialisation. He will talk about how to identify commercial opportunities and how to achieve growth and revenue from the introduction of new forms of working and the organisation of workspace. Billy combines strategic ideas with direct experience and you will be enthused by his insights drawn from projects around the globe.

Both our speakers will talk discuss practical case studies during the panel discussion on Thursday 13th September 2018 at TechoCon. Come and gain new experience not just from local sources, but from around the world.