TechoCon Conference Guide II

24. 6. 2019
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24. 6. 2019 Petra Nemravová

Today we present the Satellite stage concept where our partners present new trends, materials and solutions.

Last week in the article TechoCon Conference Guide I we presented the Creative Stage in detail, which will host presentations by leading Czech architects. Today we describe how the two satellite stages will operate at the conference.

To start with we want to emphasise that the term Satellite Stage does not mean that the presentations here are some kind of “appendix” to the conference programme as a whole.

When devising our programme we took into account the audience and visitors to the conference – that’s you. Last year at TechoCon almost five hundred of us gathered at the TECHO showroom: specialists form various fields, each with a different professional focus. Some were interested in the opinions of architects, whilst others are sales minded and delve into the details of a technical or material solution. Some devise strategies and plans years in advance, whilst others look for suitable acoustic solutions for a specific office building or interior. Where are you on the scale?

From the guest list to the previous years we know the event is attended by a diverse audience. As is the case with our TechoCon Morning Meetings, visitors represent a wide range of professions. Yes, we are all linked by the field in which we are active, but each of us has different requirements and expectations from TechoCon.

Satellite stage are for those of you who would like to obtain information on the innovations of specific companies – our partners. For those who want to make contact with the speakers (as of course you can do with anyone else), ask questions of the specific firm, their products, services…
How to do something, how to arrange acoustics, how to improve the environment in the given space…

From last year we know that questions literally rain down on the speakers at these practical workshops. This is in part why the Satellite stages have a limited capacity of a few dozen people. It facilitates the acquiring of concrete information and interactive discussion… Simply put, you can take from the theme what is most important for your work.

As with the Creative Stage, you can already place questions to our speakers. Just write to us and maybe next week we can have an interesting article on our blog about the specific subject or service.

In the next part of the series TechoCon Conference Guide II we will introduce you to our two keynote speakers, Leon Jakimič of Lasvit and Michiel Hofman from Dutch firm Hofman Dujardin Architects. Over the coming weeks our blog will bring you interviews with both keynote speakers– something to look forward to.


Our tip: Throughout the conference the interactive application Slido will be in action. Using this you can place questions to the speakers. However, you can already send us your suggestions and subjects for the panel discussion. Just write to us and your subject might appear on the programme for the panel discussion.

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