TechoCon Conference Guide III

15. 7. 2019
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15. 7. 2019 Petra Nemravová

Two names. Vast international experience and know-how… We present the keynote speakers of this year’s TechoCon: Leon Jakimič and Michiel Hofman.


The story of Leon Jakimič and his internationally successful glassmaking firm LASVIT is above all a story of success. We are very happy that he will share this story with the whole TechoCon community (including you if you register for the conference) during the afternoon talk.

LASVIT is today an internationally renowned design and glassmaking company headed by Leon Jakimič. In the afternoon programme block he will present not just the route to success, but also the key role played by the people who built the brand with him. Because our main theme of well-being also had a significant influence on the LASVIT brand, you can already place questions to Leon, or during the conference itself make use of the simple Slido application.

Leon Jakimič was born in Liberec, and North Bohemia is a region that since time immemorial has been connected with glassmaking. From a young age Leon had a feeling for the glassmaking industry and an admiration of glass as a material. He originally wanted to become a professional tennis player, but in the end selected a different route to the top. Lasvit has produced a film, Breakpoint, about the connection between an individual sport like tennis and business. In the film Leon also highlights cooperation with internationally renowned designers such as Ross Lovegrove, Arik Levy and current Art Director Maxim Velčovský.




The second speaker to bring his international experience to our conference is Dutch architect Michiel Hofman.
In 1999 he founded HofmanDujardin Architects with Barbara Dujardin. Today the firm comprises around 40 architects, interior designers, projects engineers and interns. Michiel Hofman will be the second of the two keynote speakers at the TechoCon international conference. Don’t miss this talk – reserve your place now.

Apart from the fact that his firm has delivered notable projects across the globe with the firm’s inspirational and grand signature, in today’s article we will concentrate on the firm’s creative concept – Shaping Intuition®. We recommend that you take a look at the book published on this concept in 2016 by publisher Terra (you can find it here).

Among other things Michiel will talk about this architectural concept on the main stage at TechoCon. In a nutshell his philosophy can be characterised as a very personal approach to architecture, focussing on the “good” and meaningful experiencing of space and the work (as well as personal) environment.


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Our tip: Register now for the presentations and workshops on both Satellite stages. Capacity is limited and in September you might find your selected programme is already full.

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