TechoCon has finished. We would like to
thank everyone

A year of intensive work preparing for this year’s TechoCon is over. How did the conference go?

Tens of speakers passed on their insight and know-how in talks, panel discussions and miniworkshops. They gave their opinions on what developments we can expect to see in the offices of the future. The way in which things will change for office work, work with computers… Areas where soft skills have a hard impact…

For us as organisers, TechoCon was the fulfilment of a dream. When we started with the conference last year it was a leap into the dark. We didn’t know how it would turn out, but we were aware the theme was a topical one. From our website registrations, and from the number of people actually arriving, we know that 451 people attended today. That’s an amazing number!

We are very pleased and we would like to thank everyone who contributed to the preparation of this year’s TechoCon: our team and the whole management of TECHO. As well of course as all partners – both exhibiting and media partners. Over the past year there have been hundreds of people whose efforts have helped make this such an inspirational day…

Have a look through the photo gallery and we will soon release a video of the whole event.

This is not the end

On the contrary we are just starting out. In November we will meet for a new format of business breakfast. We will discuss one of the themes that that we opened today. All of you will receive an invitation – by email or in person, and for 15 of you will have the opportunity to enjoy an informative and interesting breakfast meeting and networking.

In December there will be a further breakfast meeting, and then they will continue regularly from January under the TechoCon heading…

Follow our website, read our newsletter and you will be part of our community of professionals for whom the office environment is something of a home and a labour of love. The most important feature of the office of today, and the future, is not furniture or monitor size, but people.

Šimon Opekar and Milan Začal
Founders and organizers