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1. 7. 2019
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1. 7. 2019 Petra Nemravová

You think feelings cannot be measured? We will convince you that data and measurements can also be applied to the theme of well-being.


At the first of the two panel discussions we will hear from Petr Skondrojanis of Cocuma, Ivo Hrdina of JuiceUp and experienced facility manager Hana Webb. They all have many years of experience and know what can and can’t be quantified in offices. It is clear that the boundary between work and private life is becoming ever more blurred.

According to available studies, 83% of Czech respondents (from the global perspective just 60%) see well-being programmes as key for retaining employees. “Almost 70% believe that it raises productivity and the results of a company. The majority of Czech respondents view these programmes as valuable, but there can be a rift between the way they are perceived by employees and employers. According to employees the most popular benefits include flexible working hours, healthy snacks at the workplace and contributions for massages or fitness club membership. Less well received are the concept of not having a fixed workstation and the opportunity to work from home,“ state the authors of the 2018 study.

Give me a dozen healthy infants, and I’ll guarantee to take any one at random and train him to become any type of specialist I might select—doctor, lawyer, artist, merchant, chief and, yes, even beggar-man and thief…” With this claim psychologist John Watson entered into history with his straightforward and unbounded faith in the power of environment to shape and form a person. This was a subject of discussion half a year ago when it was presented by Ivo Hrdina of JuiceUp.

Today, a hundred years later, we already know that the world is not back and white; it has its shades and everything needs to be seen in context. An environment on its own does not make a person, and nor does an excellent company. A person is a product innate genetic makeup and the influence of the environment working hand in hand.  An excellent company is the product of the people who created it and also the well laid out and functional environment in which people like to work.

Where is the hard data?

What is the hard data and research telling us about the influence of environment on people? Data on people represent a great opportunity for HR departments and companies, but also create a range of risks as regards security and transparency. The potential of data and associated risks is recognised most by small firms (91%), in the case of large firms it surprisingly plays a smaller role – 21% of large firms do not consider such data to be important. The survey indicates that in almost half of firms, data is playing an increasing role in organisation decisions, although only for a small number of respondents is data an integral part of talent and commercial decisions. Almost three-quarters of Czech firms (in the global survey just over a half) strive to manage the legal risks of these activities. However, globally only 22% believe that their processes for securing data are of a high level. In the Czech Republic this figure is not even 20%.
Hard data and experience will be discussed by our panel of four specialist. You can already send your questions in. Just write to us.

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