Well-being – people at the centre of attention

20. 5. 2019
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20. 5. 2019 Petra Nemravová

The third annual TechoCon conference is fast approaching. Come on board and follow with us, in real time, the intensive preparation of the packed programme. People first. Today we write about the main theme of this year’s conference. 

Well-being & Sustainability – we will devote almost five months every day to this current trend. We can expect a programme full of creative talks, interesting people and inspiring meetings. What will the conference cover?
How do we see the important theme of well-being & sustainability? Who will we invite and in what direction are we focussing the entire conference? We will inform you of our lengthy team meetings because we understand the importance of this year’s theme. Offices are being designed specifically to suit the needs of entire firms. Offices where people are the main priority.  


What is well-being?

Well-being is a term used in the context of the office environment and it means “the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy”. In our context it is basically about the “comfort” of employees, which according to many surveys has a positive impact on their productivity. 


Is it actually important?

Why is well-being so important? Every employer requires the greatest possible productivity from its employees. High productivity means greater engagement and motivation in other projects. And highly motivated employees are a company’s best recipe for success, not just from a financial perspective. At the current time unemployment is at a minimum and companies are struggling to recruit and retain talent. It is therefore necessary for a potential employer to know how to attract interest.


Is a good looking office sufficient?

Of course not. A frequent mistake by employers is the feeling that a simple interior renovation will do the job. However, a good looking office and a raft of benefits alone will not ensure people feel comfortable and satisfied. It is also necessary to focus on what you can offer them from different perspectives. In this day and age people are very conscious of health issues, and they also seek meaning in their work. Employee comfort is thus not just a matter of a well-designed interior, access to a gym or a brand-new coffee machine. Also important are benefits that make time spent at work a pleasant experience from a health perspective, and which will also give a sense of purpose to their work.


Well-being & the Czech environment 

What about well-being in the Czech environment? What are the new approaches to company employees? Can any trends be identified? 

The TechoCon conference is now in its third year and is a project that is continually growing and developing. It is focussed primarily on the workplace environment and associated trends and innovations. It is clear, not just from our TechoCon Morning Meeting talks, that the office environment is changing fundamentally.  Firms and the people in them are changing their work habits, the structure and the organisation of work teams, and the layout of offices. The TechoCon platform is today not just a large international conference, but also comprises breakfast meetings, this blog and above all the energy and enthusiasm of people, including specialists from a range of technical and academic fields. It is a forum for sharing the latest innovations, one in which we connect people and encourage discussion. During the one-day TechoCon conference speakers from diverse fields will be heard on the main, satellite and creative stages.  

What trends can we identify in well thought out work environments? What do firms apply in order to maintain employee satisfaction? Is it just a question of interior design, new technologies, or is there a wider context to it all? 


What will we discuss?

Not only architects (who will dominate the creative stage) will be invited to give their views, but also interior designers, psychologists and other experts who have experience with both human resources and specific projects. For the first time in the Czech environment TechoCon will open up the theme of workplace well-being. Unique observations and experience from practice will be communicated throughout the day by the speakers and panellists. Above all, however, you will have the opportunity to meet and talk to people running projects in which well-being is an important factor. Is the Czech environment different in any way, or is the global trend and focus on the individual the same here as in other countries? This is further question that we will try to find an answer to. 

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