WELL-BEING & SUSTAINABILITY – Impact on office furniture producers

24. 7. 2019
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24. 7. 2019 Petra Nemravová

The theme of well-being in the office environment is becoming ever more widespread and we come up against with respect to both large corporations and small firms. The term well-being can be considered a set of measures for achieving optimal work comfort and improved office productivity. Furniture producers now face the challenge of tailoring their product range to meet these requirements.


The current office design trend is focused on mirroring the home environment (Home&Living Style). Of course, it is also necessary to consider the human element – not to overwhelm the central nervous system and maintain a certain difference between the office and the home environment.

Problems arise as soon as people lose the ability to differentiate between work in the office and at home. People need to have space for relaxing and have an awareness that the home environment (the true one) is connected with moments of peace and relaxation.

Of course, with the extreme demands currently placed on performance by employers it may sometimes be necessary to recharge ones batteries during the working day. For this purpose there are relaxation rooms with soft seating, coffee machines, videogames etc. as well as silent rooms where people can completely switch off from the intense concentration of work.


Seating manufacturer RIM CZ has responded to these requirements by dividing its portfolio into two lines. The principal line comprises office swivel chairs and conference chairs (Office seating), which allow full adjustability for different builds. Ergonomic seating is one of the points that has an influence on well-being in the workplace environment. The second line, which in recent years has been significantly expanded, is soft seating. In this area RIM has joined forces with Austrian designer Kai Stania, who is designing a complete new collection of seating for offices including the relaxation and other informal zones of the modern office.


You can look forward to hearing more of the observations and vision of Kai Stania during TechoCon 2019 on the Creative Stage at 16.00.



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