What is and isn’t well-being

5. 8. 2019
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5. 8. 2019 Petra Nemravová

The theme of personal well-being is discussed from all angles these days. What is and isn’t well-being?

The term well-being, which is the central theme of this year‘s conference, means “the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy”. In the workplace environment this description is also applied to other concepts such as job satisfaction, or overall contentment in relation to workplace environment (not just the physical environment).

Of course, we all want to experience positive emotions, and if possible a minimum of bad moods. The objective of the well-being concept is to categorise and structure this life satisfaction and also find ways to bring it into our working lives.


The areas of personal well-being

There are a whole range of psychological and behavioural concepts, and for the purpose of this article we summarise six basic areas connected with the theme of well-being.



Feelings of satisfaction with one’s self despite deficiencies and regardless of past behaviours and choices.


Positive relations with others

We want mature and developed relations with others, and also our interest in others and empathy are important attributes of well-being.



Each of us, within the framework of good workplace relations, should aim to develop the ability to resist social influences and maintain one’s own opinion.



Day after day, meeting after meeting… In order to master the everyday demands we must correctly perceive what is happening in the surrounding environment, see opportunities and use external events for our own goals and needs.


Purpose in life

Constructing an overall feeling that one’s past and present have a meaning and that we are heading towards the achievement of goals.


Personal growth

The feeling of personal development, opening up to new things. No feeling of boredom or stagnation, the ability to be aware of positive changes in one’s self and behaviour.


We can certainly identify other characteristics that are connected with feeling good and contented. However, a number of people see the concept of well-being completely differently. Our conference will take an interest in, and the panel will discuss, among other things, how interiors should be laid out, the selection of quality natural materials, ergonomics, pleasant and functional lighting, plants and other things that make us feel good. It is generally accepted that well-being should be timeless, only then will it remain fresh and continue to give us pleasure. It does not follow trends, but rather the trends are heading in this direction.


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